Topsin Investments S.A.

The Company

Topsin Investments S.A., founded in 1998, is a privately owned investment company based in Luxembourg, member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Topsin an actively managed investment company which runs a diversified multi-asset class portfolio, investing globally in equities and fixed income as well as private equity and real estate.


Our mission is steady asset growth and stable and competitive risk-adjusted performance in the long run. In order to achieve this, we maintain an actively managed diversified portfolio with a moderate risk level. We strive for positive performance over business cycles.

We have an active investment philosophy with a long-term investment horizon. Consequently, we invest in assets classes that give an attractive yield in the long run, but by following the markets closely we seek to improve performance with tactical allocation changes. We analyse potential investments searching for fair pricing, attractive terms and the potential to produce strong risk-adjusted returns.

We do not slavishly follow benchmarks or indices. Instead, our focus is on identifying global investment trends and themes, excellent companies and efficient products that fit our long-term investment strategy and relevant market conditions.


We keep a high ethical standard in all our investments and undertakings. We are professionals and act accordingly and create value in everything we do with a long-term horizon. We are committed to improving our investment methodology, processes and performance.

Our investments are driven by our ESG policy, integrating environment, social and governance issues into our investment processes.

Topsin Investments supports the C. Ehrnrooth Foundation sheltered by La Fondation de Luxembourg.


Topsin Investments S.A.

51-53, rue de Merl
L - 2146 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 288 614